Tuesday, September 21, 2010


921 is the memorable day for us!!! although today i'm not beside u, but my HEART is always with u!!! i know u hope that i will stay at your side for now... but don't worry, i will always stay beside u once i finish my studies!!!! really wait for the day to come!!!!
ah peng ben dan, LOVE YOU always... n must stay happy always ya... n don't waste your money de ya... save it for buy a HOUSE ooo... ^^

Happy 2nd Anniversary peng peng...


Monday, July 13, 2009


Argh... Allergic man!!! my legs and my hands now dunno why got red dots!!! going to see doctor, the doctor just say that is allergic. but then after taking the medicine, it's still got a lots of red dots!!! it's from 2dots become 4 then become 6!!! need to take how long my allergic just can be healled??? ichy la... some more next week wan to go back KL ady!!! if the dots is still there, then it will be very 'ma fan'!!!! haih... GOD pls help mii!!!! let me recover now!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


class CANCELLED????
last minute again!!! waste my time lepak at college!!!
really want to f*** the lecturer!!!
oops... i'm so RUDE!!!! haha...

Friday, February 27, 2009


26o2o9- finally i finish my law assignment. i feel more relax now. but the stress is still there. next week is my management accounting quiz and my malaysian studies' assignment due date. omg.. i'm not even start my assignment yet. haih... have to finish my assignment faster, because my mid term test will be held on the following week. so i have to study ITC, LAW and MC!!! oh... all need to memorizing!!! GOD... please HELP mii!!!
finally it is the day i can go back to penang. i can go back to see my ah kong. he just recover from sickness. i'm very worry about him. but now, i'm not only need to worry my ah kong, but also my best best fren. i worry that he will think negatively and do something that will hurt himself. i never see he act like that before. this is the first time he feel so scared and worried. even during stpm he also never be so scared. his react makes mii more and more worry. every moment i will think of him and feel like want to console him. no matter how much i did, it also won't cover it. so... GOD... please forgive this naive boy and don't let him suffer anymore!!!
i'm really tired, i don't want to be so tired anymore. i need some good rest that can let mii more relax and after that i can face every problem easily. so.. please don't use my rest time to disturb or quarrel with mii. i meed someone to console mii also. i know this few days i spend less time with you. so hope that you can understand mii and not questioning mii!!!
it's the time for mii to go to the bed. so see you guys when i'm updating my blog. good night!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


250209- Today really emo, i know a lot things but i can't tell. i have no idea with the problem i face. and i feel don't want to think about it. haih... but after listen to this two songs, i feel touch n feel want to cry.

是非題- 范玮琪(Shi Fei Ti-Fan Wei Qi)
每段故事 都有一篇劇情
每段愛情 都像動人旋律
一顆真心 卻只向著你前進 也許愛越單純越著迷
你是窗外 另外一片風景
在你眼裡 我是什麼關係
你的呼吸 存在我的愛情里 何時能誠實面對自己
我愛你 永遠像少了勇氣
沒有人相信 只有關心
那一些是非題 總讓人傷透腦筋
一定會有 美麗的愛情
你是窗外 另外一片風景
在你眼裡 我是什麼關系
你的呼吸 存在我的愛情裡 何時能誠實面對自己
那一句 我愛你 永遠像少了勇氣
沒有人相信 只有關心
那一些是非題 總讓人傷透腦筋
一定會有 美麗的愛情
那一句 我愛你 永遠像少了勇氣
沒有人相信 只有關心
那一些是非題 總讓人傷透腦筋
一定會有 美麗的愛情

Beautiful girl, wherever you are
I knew when I saw you, you had opened the door
I knew that I'd love again after a long, long while
I'd love again.
You said "hello" and I turned to go
But something in your eyes left my heart beating so
I just knew that I'd love again after a long, long while
I'd love again.
Refrain : It was destiny's game
For when love finally came on
I rushed in line only to find
That you were gone.
Whenever you are, I fear that I might
Have lost you forever like a song in the night
Now that I've loved again after a long, long while
I've loved again.
*Repeat Refrain
Beautiful girl, I'll search on for you
'Til all of your loveliness in my arms come true
You've made me love again after a long, long while
In love againAnd I'm glad that it's you
Hmm, beautiful girl
I like this 2 songs very much. hope that every one will stay healthy and have a bright future!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

aBout chinEsE NIU yeAr

My FIRST blog in year 2009!!!!
250109-Chinese NIU Year Eve- I went to shopping at Prangin Mall with my best best fren!!! After shopping we watched 'Underworld 3'. It's a nice day because it's very long we didn't meet each other. After thet I rush bec to home for my reunion dinner. Wow.. It's steamboat!!! I eat so full n it's delicious!!!
260109-Chinese NIU Year初一- I woke up quite early n wating my mum to give mii ang pow. My mum give mii ang pow after breakfast. Then after that the whole day mii n my family sit at home n wait my auntie they all to come. At night, I went to find my fren. That was my 1st day of cny.
270109-Chinese NIU Year初二- Today is busy day!!! After breakfast, mii n my family go to my uncle's house. It's my mum's brother house. We having steamboat at there again. I chat at there n play with my cousin. It's was fun at there. At night, I went to my cousin sister's house. It's a bunglo. Behind her house is the mountain. Reli syok neh!!! But she treat us eat steamboat again. I eat until wan to vomit. PLS... No more steamboat!!!!
280109- Today I go to Ipoh, n den ah pEng will go there n fetch mii den we go to Sitiawan. We get lost at Ipoh for more than 2hours. We just round n round at the Ipoh town area. Look like stupid. hehe... But at least we eat 'nga choi kai'. It's taste normal. Nothing special. haha... After that we go bec to Sitiawan n after tat nth special ady.
290109- Today kang kang come to ah pEng house. He very excited when we at 'yi kou jia'. He ran here n there for looking the bear bear. It's hard to take care of him. But he is cute... At night I accompany auntie to go wedding dinner. The culture at there reli different with the culture at Penang. hehe...
300109- After lunch, I went to Teluk Intan 'Ansun'. I go to visit Menara Condong. When I in the building, I reli feel headache. I can't balance myself lo. hehe... After that I go to buy the Teluk Intan famous biscuit 'xiang bing'. it's quite delicious. After buying the biscuit, I go bec to Sitiawan again.
310109- I force ah pEng go to Pulau Pangkor. haha.. Finally he bring mii to Pulau Pangkor. Wow.. The rental for a bike is so expensive. It's RM40 lo. No choice, we have to pay, if not how we play at there??? We go to round the island. In between we stop at Teluk Nipah to collect the seashell(I collect the dead 'hai dan', so it's smelly,haha..); eat laksa,rojak n ABC(it's not expensive); satay factory(not reli cheap); temple (mini 'wan li chang cheng'...); Dutch Port; n buying souvenir. I become much more darker after come bec from Pulau Pangkor.
010209- Suppose today I should HAPPY wan. Because tommorow mii n my frens plan to go my frens' house 'bai nian'. But then when I message them, they ask mii wad happen??? ON WAD??? OK... Seeing this messages mean they all forget ady!!! Hey... I purposely come bec to KL today is because of I promised u all I will go to 'bai nian'. Now u all waste my 1DAY HOLIDAY!!! If I din come bec today, then now I still enjoy my delicious food n pass my happy time at somewhere else. Tomorrow I plan to give u all the souvenir I bought from Pulau Pangkor. Now I tink I no nid to give u all the souvenir ady. Because u all break the promise again!!! I reli dunno this is the how many times ady!!! Now I reli dun have the heart to promise u all anything n to help u al to do anything. I reli dunno wad to say de!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

tiReD~clean my rOOm

301008 - Today after class, my fren fetch mii go to Jalan Ipoh to eat 'har mee'. But I feel that Penang hokkien mee is much more delicious lo!!! hehe... But anyway, thanks to King for fetching mii there. Thanks koko... Before go to eat 'har mee', we go to see Li Jia's new house. Wow... This house really very very BIG!!!

This whole thing is Li Jia's house, BIG le...

This is my first time I see the structure of house like that. In front got two house and behind there got one. It's really look like hotel. So special neh... hehe... If I have that much money, I just hope that I can have one part of the house. Then really enough for mii already. Wakakaka...

After come back from lunch, I start to do my cleaning work. My room never be cleaned since my last semester break. hehe... Today finally I can't TAHAN... So I take my time to clean all the things. First, I sweep the floor that got many dust and hair. After sweep I just notice that my room's dustpan is missing. Haih... But at this time, my creative is come to my brain. I use my empty biscuit box to be the dustpan. I cut the shape and use it. Clever leh... haha... After swept the floor of course I mop it lo. Actually hard for mii to sweep and mop the floor lo. Because the floor is full of my roommate stuff like shoes, bags, clothes, books and so on. So I have to carry the thing to other ares before i sweep that area. So this take mii a lot of time.

So many shoes le..most are my roommate shoes!!!

After that I wash the toilet. The toilet is so dirty and my roommate didn't wash the pot after use. So I have to help her to wash it. So oily... It cause the toilet become so oily. Hate it!!! The toilet is full of my roommate's stuff also. So I need to take all her things out from the toilet first then just can start to wash. WASH WASH WASH...wash wash wash... Finally I use 2hours to finish all my cleaning work. Har??? Two hours???? My room just that small only, also take mii 2 hours lo!!! So sad... I waste my 2 hours!!! But after the cleaning, my roommate's bed also that messy. Haih... Who can help her to clear all her stuff????

Above: My roommate bed!!!

Below: My bed!!!

After seeing the two pictures, is it feel that there is a big difference leh... So anyone can help mii in solving this problem??? hehe...

Today is really my tiring day after so long. So this is the day I exercise the most. Wakakaka... Peace...